Will Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne/Batman have a cameo in the upcoming spin-off series The Penguin? According to some rumors circulating out there, he will.

Filming started all the way back in March 2023, but was then suspended in the strikes and started up again back in November. Filming wrapped this week. Cast member Carmen Ejogo posted a photo on Instagram this weekend celebrating completion.

Now, ComicBookMovie reports that Pattinson was reportedly spotted on the set several times at the end of shooting. There are no spy shots of him in costume, and no confirmation from the studio or the production itself. The timing has led to speculation it could be a cameo of some kind in the season finale.



Colin Farrell, Cristin Milioti, Clancy Brown, Michael Zegen, and Michael Kelly, all star in The Penguin. It is set after the events of The Batman as Penguin and other criminals battle for control of Gotham’s underworld following Falcone’s demise, loyalties shift, and opportunities for power open up.

Could be a smart move on Pattinson’s part, as with the new DCU opening up, his Batman is fading a little from consciousness. This reminds people, and paves the way for The Batman 2, which is due to shoot this year for an October 2025 release.

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