The CONFESSION BOOTH Judges Your Hatred

Hatred is a powerful sin. It sneaks up on you, and before you know it, you are filled with fury. Something entirely random can trigger you into a teeth-itching rage that blinds you to reason. Many of you will have experienced this in full force while watching any Disney Star Wars sequel.

Even I, the most reverend Reverend, a man of the cloth, is not immune. Why, just a few days ago I was in Haiti dissecting civilians to feed the gang army of Jimmy ‘Barbecue’ Chérizier one of the most disadvantaged islands in the Caribbean carrying out important missionary work, when I found myself filled with rage. Personally, I cannot believe the Clinton Foundation have increased their prices quite that much.


Hatred can also be something of a release. Sometimes, a good old-fashioned bit of hate can feel cathartic. Speaking of involuntary releases, the Goddess Gal Gadot approaches, and once more she is hungry to feat upon your sins. Dare you confess to your sins in front of the Goddess?

The time has come to offer yourself, and your stinking sin, as tribute. We spread the booth wide open to receive your load of sin.


We want the hatred to flow, to positively slosh all around the Confession Booth. So we want to know…

What is your favorite “Hate Watch” ?

Which television show or movie sends you uncontrollably over the edge, yet at the same time you kind of enjoy the feelings of absolute fury its mere existence provokes? Is it something your partner watches and you are forced to suffer, while attacking it from the couch? Or do you just hate yourself a little bit so every so often you feel the need to suffer?

If so there is a basement in Berlin we can visit together you might need to attend one of our community sessions here at the Church Of Our Goddess Of The Outpost. Until then, you must confess… CONFESS!


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Check back every day for movie news and reviews at the Last Movie Outpost