The CONFESSION BOOTH Judges Your Wrongness

Look at you all. You stinking sinners. You just sit there. Stinking. Of sin. Without moral and spiritual guidance, you are nothing more than beasts, rutting away. You must learn to be pleasing to the Goddess to earn your salvation. Your place in Outpost heaven is at stake. Luckily for you I, the most reverend Reverend, hath return-ed from the Southern border where I have been smuggling undocumented sex workers into the States ensuring that the poor, blighted, desperate new Americans are receiving the very best care.


The time is at hand. The Goddess Gal Gadot approaches, and you must unload. A purifying purge is required. She is ready to pass judgment on your sinful performance. Feasting on sin is a serious business and can be quite warm work, which is why her clothes have fallen off.


The Last Movie Outpost Confession Booth is once more spread wide open, ready to receive your sinful load. Today we will be passing judgment on your wrongness. Nobody is correct all the time. So many of you are just wrong. So very, very wrong. So…

What is one movie or cinema-related thing you have just been completely wrong about?

Not an opinion, but an actual fact that you thought you knew that turned out to be just plain wrong.

For instance, there may be one among us who thought for his whole life, right up until about 8pm last night, that Albert Finney was American. I mean, on reflection, you would have to be some kind of fucking idiot to think that, right? Who would think that? (laughs nervously)… anyway…

Over to you, you filthy sinners. You must confess. CONFESS!


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Check back every day for movie news and reviews at the Last Movie Outpost