The Fall Guy is already out overseas, and lands in US theatres this weekend. So is it any good?

Well, the reviews are in, and it sits at 86% on Rotten Tomatoes, which means audiences are digging it.

Most of the reviews call out a great double act between the two leads, and plenty of gags at the expense of the movie industry.

The Fall Guy

The film follows a stuntman (Ryan Gosling) who, nearly two years after a major accident on set, ends up working in Australia on the directorial debut action film of his ex-girlfriend (Emily Blunt).

He soon finds himself caught up in a plot surrounding the disappearance of the film’s lead actor, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Here’s what some of the press are saying:

“This movie is a lot of things — all of them incredibly fun and enjoyable — but at its heart, it’s a joyous return to form for the romantic comedy. Welcome back.”

Odie Henderson, Boston Globe

“With some incredible stunts and Gosling and Blunt on top form, this gloriously entertaining comedy is a love-letter to the unsung heroes of cinema.”

Kelechi Ehenulo, Empire Magazine

“A blockbuster-to-be just like the ’90s used to make; a perfect summer movie, and a celebration of the hard work it takes to make a perfect summer movie happen.”

Liz Shannon Miller, Consequence

“With the self-referential humor, the industry jokes and the promise of a little romance, it feels like one of those movies we all complain they don’t make anymore.”

Lindsey Behr, Associated Press

“Overstays its welcome for a bit, but the stunts, the comedy, and the spark between the film’s dynamic leads make the movie a delectable kick-off to the popcorn pleasures of the summer-movie season.”

Alonso Duralde, The Film Verdict

“Gosling’s performance is a reminder of how many just-okay action movies of yesteryear easily coasted on charisma. The Fall Guy is more than okay, but it would be a lot less without Gosling’s laidback warmth.” –

Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair

It is not all praise, though. A couple, of notable reviewers didn’t like it at all.

“Whenever its main characters are pulled apart, the movie magic, in every sense of the phrase, dissipates, leaving us with a bland, derivative action-comedy that’s never quite as funny or thrilling as it thinks it is.”

Derek Smith, Slant Magazine

“Everything is lazy incoherence, cliche or leaden repetition. There’s a joke about a stunt dog that responds to only French commands. It’s funny at first, but then, like every paltry whiff of originality in the movie, it’s beaten to death.”

Kevin Maher, Times

The Fall Guy is either out now, or out in hours, depending on where you live.

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