The Great Debate: Artificially Good?

War (huh!) what is it good for? Absolutely nothing… unless you want more space, some oil, or simply need to keep your military-industrial complex in nice fat bonuses, and then it is pretty darn useful. Debate, on the other hand, is the life-blood of a healthy society. The right to hear other ideas, and lay them open to examination, is part of our driving ethos here at Last Movie Outpost. It’s why we only lightly moderate, believe in free speech and welcome all into our growing community of beloved Outposters.

And debate we shall! Anything and everything movie-related is a potential debate topic here at LMO. If you have a suggestion for a debate topic, simply ping us at [email protected] and potentially bask in the warm glow of knowing you are the one who started the fight.

The topic for today’s debate occurred to me a couple of weekends ago. Completely out of the blue, from nowhere, I found myself watching Ridley Scott’s GI Jane.


I saw this movie once, way back on release in 1997. That was 26 years ago, and I remember I didn’t rate it at all way back then. This time around, not only did it remind me how stunning prime Demi Moore is, but I found myself deeply ruminating on the themes in the movie, admiring Scott’s visual eye, and getting fully immersed in the whole thing. In short, it was a damn good couple of hours of movie time on the couch.

This set my Outposter movie brain working. Some of you might have been able to smell the faint burning smell. What exactly is going on? Are movies these days simply so bad that average movies from the past now seem really good in comparison? Are they artificially good, only boosted by the dross of today? Or do low expectations from previous, dissatisfied viewings set our starting point low? Have we matured as movie viewers and these movies were actually ahead of their time? Just what in the name of Boba Phil’s beard is going on here?

Why are not great movies from the recent past suddenly really good?

Not just GI Jane, but there are other examples, even more recent. I have some ideas, but I am not really sure I know the answer. As always, the answer probably lies in the combined wisdom of our Outposter community. There is only one way to settle this… FIGHT!

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