Debate. Civilizations are built on it. Society demands it to function correctly. Stupid ideas are exposed. Consensus is reached. And who doesn’t like a good argument? So once again the hallowed halls of Last Movie Outpost will ring with the sound of informed debate, and probably quite a lot of uninformed debate too. This time, we talk about disappointment. No, not sex after marriage, but cinematic disappointment.



“I don’t care how hard you squint, Prometheus is still shit!”


We all know the feeling. It was probably even more prevalent before the internet, but it still happens. From the moment you hear about a movie being developed, the excitement starts to build. You follow every piece of news about the production. You mark the release date on your calendar, you book tickets to the earliest preview you can find. This is it Outposters, you are committed! Bucket of Coke and a skip full of popcorn in-hand you settle down to watch this anticipated movie. For you the adventure is just beginning… and then… it dawns on you. Something is wrong. Two hours later, you feel as if you have been violated.

Before the anger, comes the disappointment. That is the subject of our debate today:

What is the most disappointing movie of all time?


What was the movie that let you down the most. That still leaves a bitter taste in your mouth today? Have at it, you glorious Outposters. Debate immortality awaits!




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