The Great Debate returns to Last Movie Outpost once more, and we have a question.

When we first started Last Movie Outpost, we were clear we would never dance to Hollywood’s tune, unlike other sites that take presents and access for reviews. It certainly chimed with people, as our traffic has been growing, we have been climbing rankings, and more wondrous Outposters appear every day to chew the fat in the Disqus, and to point and laugh at bits of Hollywood and pop culture in general as it burst into flames.

However lately, it seems real movie, TV and streaming-based enjoyment has been harder and harder to find. Sure, there have been Top Gun: Maverick and Extraction 2, Hijack, The Bear, Silo… but everything “big” just doesn’t seem to hit our spot anymore. We revel in the failure of Star Wars, we laugh heartily at the disaster that is Indiana Jones 5. Even Guardians Of The Galaxy, an absolute delight of a cinematic franchise, failed to really light up Outposters in its third installment. Is it just us? Or does everything really suck?

I guess the question for today’s debate is:




Are we just haters now? Bitter, jaded, cynical, and unable to take joy from anything movie and entertainment based anymore?


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