THE GREAT DEBATE: The Greatest Shot Of All

It is the return of The Great Debate to Last Movie Outpost. Last time around, prompted by an Outposter, we asked you what the best dialogue was in all of cinema. The suggestions were many and varied. Inspired by the idea of something great being spoken, now our thoughts turn to the other half of the cinematic equation.


From the famous dolly zoom on Brody in Jaws, to the first shot of the bride in Crazy Rich Asians. From Luke and Vader in silhouette on Bespin, igniting their lightsabers in The Empire Strikes Back, to the unmasking of The Phantom Of The Opera (1925). A perfectly executed shot can simply say so much, set a mood, and make you marvel at the cinematography on display.

Even completely disposable popcorn fare can deliver. Back before Marvel started to fall over its own feet, their big movies contained shots that made you feel like punching the air, you were having such a good time.


So, from the old classics to the modern blockbusters. From black and white, through talkies and into the digitally created worlds of today, the subject of The Great Debate this time is simple:

What is the greatest shot in the history of cinema, and why?

Gentlemen and ladies, strap on your big debate pants, thicken your skin, and… fight!

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Check back every day for movie news and reviews at the Last Movie Outpost