The Great Debate: Underrated Actors

Can you believe we are already in the home stretch of January, dear Outposters? This horrible month of abstinence and regret and post-Xmas lack of funds and abundance of depression will soon be over and we can start looking forward to Easter, then a summer movie season. Gee, I hope it will be better than last year’s movie season. Hey, these pills I am taking really work! So let’s celebrate the end of the month with a great big fight debate.

This time around we are talking about underrated actors. People who turn up on screen and make you go:

“Hey, it’s that guy/girl! I wonder why they aren’t in more stuff!”

Who are they, and why aren’t they, as you say, in more stuff? Or, if they are in quite a few roles, why are they not bigger roles? It’s not for lack of talent as they can have great screen presence whenever you see them.

“I am just saying she should have got her kit off in more stuff!”


Here is my nomination. Marton Csokas. The only good thing in Vin Diesel’s XXX, and chillingly and psychotically excellent in The Equalizer. Every time you see him you think “Hey, it’s that guy!” and then know he’s going to be great value, particularly as a villain.

Csokas is a Hungarian/New Zealand actor of film, stage, and television. A graduate of the Toi Whakaari drama school, he has worked extensively in Australia and Hollywood, along with his native country, and often portrays villainous roles. His filmography includes the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Kingdom of Heaven, Æon Flux, Romulus, My Father, Dead Europe, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. He recently turned up again, as a bright spot in an otherwise unremarkable movie, as the villain in John Cena’s Freelance. He was even Poggle The Lessor in Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones.

He really, really should be bigger. It feels like he would make an excellent Bond villain, for a start.


So now it is your turn. Who is little known that you think needs to come to the attention of fellow Outposters? Or who do you think is criminally underrated as an actor and needs to be bigger. Who is he or she, and what sort of roles would you like to see them in?

Discuss, debate, disagree… Have at it!


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