Movie website OG, and last man standing from the original days of online movie mayhem, Dark Horizons has published some research from Talker that looked into movie run times.

A poll was put in the field that asked 2,000 Americans about movie run times via The Guardian) and responders pinpointed their idea movie length:

92 minutes. Just over an hour and a half.

The report also says that only 15% said films over 120 minutes were acceptable, and only 2% found films over 150 minutes to be acceptable.


Recently even popcorn fare like No Time To Die and the latest Mission: Impossible clocked in at 164 minutes, that is nearly 2 hours and 45 minutes.

The Batman was a staggering 2 hours 56 minutes. 176 minutes. When your summer blockbusters are taking as long as Lawrence Of Arabia to tell a story, is that really bad?

I could happily sit through two Dune movies without looking at my watch. If it is good enough, does it matter if it is long?

The report states that the respondents said they had watched two movies that were too long in the last two months.

The research also says movies have grown in length by as much as 25% on average in the past ten years.

It points to streaming and binge watching, with filmmakers justifying longer runtimes as audiences have now been trained to binge watch way longer than two hours worth of entertainment in one sitting.

The report lists an interesting collection of movies that are 92 minutes long exactly, these include Beetlejuice, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Monsters Inc., Nobody, Happy Gilmore, The Transporter, and Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion.

What do you, our beloved Outposters, think? How long is too long? Or does quality make time irrelevant?

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