Christmas. We know it can be great. It can also be a bit shit. Whether you are surrounded by friends and family, and have now had just about enough of even the sight of them, or you are spending Christmas enjoying your own company, your buddies at Last Movie Outpost have got your back.


Escape from cold cuts of turkey and truly terrible Christmas Day television to chat shit to your fellow Outposters on our now traditional Open Thread. The rules are there are very few rules.

Anything goes, jokes, memes, conversation… just keep it (broadly) civil and no pile-ons, after all, it is Christmas and you don’t want to make the baby Jesus sad on his birthday, do you? So nothing illegal, and no touching anyone’s no-no square.


Christmas rules… very few.


What is also kinda traditional is that long-time lurkers sometimes use this thread to emerge and say “Hi!”, or that Outposters who maybe don’t participate too much in the cut and thrust of Disqus remind us that they are still around. So you do your thing. Just don’t do anyone else’s thing, I ain’t cleaning that up… again.

Merry Christmas you filthy animals!

Merry Christmas

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