Arnie has been in some legendary movies, from Terminator to the brilliant Twins. You can test your knowledge on the big man with the LMO Quiz. I am changing the lady for the quizzes to Hayley Atwell. Let’s be honest, it was never going to happen between Jessica and me, but Hayley, she’s British, so there’s a chance.

Ready, steady, lift!

Part 1 – Here are some characters Arnie has played, just say what movie they are from

  1. Jack Slater
  2. Ivan Danko
  3. Alex Hesse
  4. Gordy Brewer
  5. Trench

Part 2 – Name that movie






Part 3 – Where are these one-liners from?

  1. Remember, Sully, when I promised to kill you last? I lied.
  2. Aw, he had to split.
  3. I’ll be back! (First time)
  4. Consider that a divorce!
  5. Rubber baby buggy bumpers!

Part 4 – You either know it or you don’t

  1. Arnie’s highest kill count is Commando, but what movie has his second-highest kill count?
  2. What was Arnie’s first acting credit according to the IMDb?
  3. Apart from the Terminator movies, which other movie does he die?
  4. In Jingle All the Way what is the name of the toy his kid wants?
  5. How many times was he Mr Universe?


Part 1

  1. Last Action Hero
  2. Red Heat
  3. Junior 
  4. Collateral Damage 
  5. The Expendable series 

Part 2

  1. Around the World in 80 Days
  2. The 6thDay 
  3. Jingle All the Way
  4. Raw Deal
  5. Cactus Jack 

Part 3

  1. Commando – about to kill Sulley
  2. Running Man – after killing Buzzsaw
  3. The Terminator 
  4. Total Recall – Just before killing Lori
  5. Last Action Hero – to annoy Danny

Part 4

  1. True Lies at 87 kills. Commando is 130 (according to one list I found online).
  2. Hercules in New York in 1970.
  3. End of Days – he impales himself as he is possessed by the devil.
  4. Turbo Man
  5. 5 times, 4 for NABBA [England], and 1 for IFBB [USA] according to Wiki.

How did you do? Are you an Arnie or a Danny DiVito?

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