The Most Rewatchable Movies Of All Time

I remember a time when movies got rewatched by me. Movies rented from the video store got watched twice on the day of rental, and then one more time the next morning before they had to be returned. I am not sure what happened. At some point, I got old, became time-poor, filled up my life with things other than movies, and now it seems like it takes something really, really special to make me go out of my way to indulge in multiple viewings.

I miss those days so, so much


Sure, there are certain movies where, no matter how late it is, idle channel surfing is stopped when you stumble across it and you watch that movie all the way through to the end. Jaws is that movie for me. But the motivation to actively engage in a rewatch, to set time aside for it? That is rare these days.

Some movies will always be highly rewatchable, though, no matter what life throws at us. But what are the most rewatchable movies of all time? The online… erm… ranking community has asked the masses to decide. Over 4 million votes have been cast globally in an effort to find what the public thinks is the most rewatchable movie of all time.

There are more than 700 movies on the list, but here are the top 20 as voted for by, well, millions worldwide.

Raider Of The Lost Ark

The Shawshank Redemption

Back To The Future

Jurassic Park

Toy Story


Men In Black

The Lion King

Home Alone

Guardians Of The Galaxy


Monsters Inc.


The Goonies

Die Hard

Finding Nemo

The Mummy

Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory

Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade.


So far, so completely normie. You can’t argue with a lot of that but to the trained eyes of an Outposter, you can’t help but think it all feels a bit… pedestrian.

On reading this list, I simply couldn’t shake the belief that our Outposters would have their own list that is probably a damn sight more interesting than this. So have at it, Outposters!

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