Has the new Wolfman been cast? Christopher Abbott (Poor Things) has been announced as replacing Ryan Gosling in a new version of The Wolf Man at Blumhouse and Universal Pictures.

The Invisible Man remake director Leigh Whannell is back in the big chair.


Christopher Abbot

Whannell was attached to the film for several years, but exited when Gosling came onboard and brought Derek Cianfrance with him direct from Blue Valentine.

The project has been kicked onto a fast track at Blumhouse and will enter immediate production for an October 25th 2024 release. Just in time for Halloween.

The Invisible Man gave a modern twist on the old tale, and this will potentially do the same. The plot is under wraps other than the briefest of teases – that the story follows a man whose family is being terrorized by a lethal predator.

Whannell, Corbett Tuck, Lauren Schuker Blum, and Rebecca Angelo penned the script. Jason Blum will produce The Wolfman.

Whannell’s 2018 Blumhouse project, Upgrade, remains a modern cult classic.

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