SnyderCuts are now a thing. They have entered the movie-going lexicon whether we like it or not. Now, the most Snyder movie ever is to get a SnyderCut, thus creating a Snyder singularity and creating the Snyderest thing in all of Snyderdom. Be upstanding, for Sucker Punch – The SnyderCut.

With Rebel Moon approaching in six days, Zack Snyder has revealed that a Snydercut version of Sucker Punch is coming.



While speaking with Inverse to promote Rebel Moon, he talked of his early effort and confirmed that not only will this go beyond the existing extended edition, he might bring back actors for more shooting. A true SnyderCut!

“I’m working with Warner Bros. to try and find a window to go back in. Even though we did an extended version, it’s not the fully realized movie. I think it’s good [if] I can get those guys, Emily [Browning] and Abby [Cornish] and the crew back in. Some reshoots would be amazing.”

In Sucker Punch, Emily Browning plays Babydoll, a woman who faces a dark, unknown fate as she waits for a drastic brain surgery at a mental asylum. Reality and fantasy merge as she devises a getaway plan with four other girls. The film grossed just $89 million worldwide. Snyder was riding high with Dawn Of The Dead and 300. Sucker Punch and Watchmen both underperformed at the box office directly before Snyder started work on Man Of Steel.

Sucker Punch, described as Alice In Wonderland with machine guns, is divisive. It didn’t score good reviews on its release, but it had fans who continued to speak up for it. Over the years it has started to undergo something of a reappraisal in geekdom, with online outlets publishing articles with titles such as Why Sucker Punch Is Smarter Than You Are and Sucker Punch Is Actually Good – Fight Me. So people are finding hidden depths on a revisit.

Rebel Moon, meanwhile, is getting mixed reviews.

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