They just can’t leave things alone, can they? The Warriors is a cult classic from 1979. Directed by Walther Hill and based on the book by Sol Yurick, it tells the story of a gang fighting their way home over one night in New York.

Variety has reported that Lin-Manuel Miranda is working on a stage musical of the movie. Miranda is known for Hamilton, The Heights, and Tick Tick Boom. He wrote the music and lyrics for Hamilton, and starred as the main character, which shot him to fame. He has also recently been working on the musical New York, New York, inspired by the Martin Scorsese movie of 1977.

The Warriors movie was pretty violent, different gangs were all out to kill the Warriors, blaming the gang for the assassination of their leader, Cyrus. The original author, Yurik, did say the movie was more ‘sugar-coated’ and ‘watered down’ than his novel. The original story was much darker and showed the breakdown of society.




We saw recently how there is a musical of The Color Purple on the way, I guess making a musical about domestic abuse or fighting gangs is a thing now. Still waiting on Schindler’s List: The Musical.

Are gangs still a thing in New York? I wonder if this will be updated and, instead of gangs, it’s groups of activists. A group of Trump Supporters needs to get back to their home turf, dancing their way through the territories of the Trans Mob, BLM, Gays Against Groomers, and a gaggle of angry priests.


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Check back every day for movie news and reviews at the Last Movie Outpost