Last week we talked about Flesh Of The Gods, and how it made us think “Well this sounds interesting!”. Now, here is another project that fits in the same bracket, and sounds far removed from the cape-infested mega-franchise landscape of today’s cinema – This Blue Is Mine.

Zazie Beetz (Deadpool 2, Joker) and Elizabeth Debicki (The Night Manager, Tenet) are to star in the project, coming from Brazilian director Luli Gerbase. It is described as a psychosexual sci-fi thriller, which is how you could also describe the dreams I used to have back when I was doing a lot of drugs.

According to the reports, the story follows a family holiday at a tropical resort, and a man named Arthur surprises everyone by bringing his new girlfriend, the beautiful and enigmatic Ivy (Debicki).

Arthur’s adult daughters are also present. Ivy’s odd behavior throws the dynamics off balance between the family. The younger daughter, Connie (Beetz) is still recovering from the trauma of a recent miscarriage. When Connie gets very drunk, Ivy quietly reveals to her that she’s actually an alien visiting Earth. Connie soon finds herself seduced by Ivy and invited to accompany her back to her planet, leaving the family drama behind.


Beetz and Debicki


Is this real? Or is Connie having a mental breakdown?

Marissa McMahon and Ashley Schlaifer produce and filming begins in Colombia at the end of Summer. Colombia. Home of the fuel of Hollywood!

Gerbase’s previous film, The Pink Cloud, was tagged by Harper’s Bazaar as:

“…the existential, claustrophobic, cozy, and horny quarantine movie you didn’t know you needed.”

It seems there is a theme developing here. This Blue Is Mine has no release date yet.

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