Filmmaker Matthew Vaughn has been appearing across a number of outlets in the past few days, coinciding with the spoiler release of his new thriller Argylle. He has appeared across traditional outlets, digital media, and podcasts talking about a wide range of projects, and some of his near misses.


The ever-reliable Dark Horizons has provided an excellent round-up of his various interviews and conversations with these various outlets, including the Happy Sad Confused podcast:

Stardust 2

A sequel to a movie many forget he made, Stardust, was discussed. He said he has an idea for a potential sequel in which the necklace is found in 1960s London:

“So you have these crazy characters running around 1960s London but fitting in because it was a crazy time”.

James Bond

He rules himself out of ever making a James Bond movie. Not that he doesn’t want it, but because they don’t want him. He says he has more chance of being Bond than making Bond, and that his work on Kingsman means he won’t be considered.

Star Wars

He hinted that he feels what we are all feeling about Star Wars. When asked if he would struggle to turn it down if offered, he replied:

“Now, not so much.”

He then went on to say that if he ever did do it, he would want to use the characters he grew up with, not any new characters:

“If they said to me they’d reboot Star Wars and actually have Luke Skywalker, Solo and Vader and do your version of it. Everyone would say you’re an idiot to try, but that would excite me.


Why are the characters so hallowed that from 1977 you can’t re-do it for a new audience? Star Wars is the Skywalker family and that’s where I think they’ve gone wrong. They’ve forgot.


They’ve done brilliantly in TV but it needs an epic new film. That’s what I would do [i.e. reboot Luke]. Everyone is going to go batshit crazy but let’s bring it on. If you want a new generation, make the movie for them. The old generation, hopefully you make it well enough that they enjoy it.”

The King’s Man Sequel

Not to be confused with an upcoming Kingsman 3, he spoke of a follow-up to the prequel movie set in the time of the rise of Hitler and how some elements of the aristocracy actually sympathized with him in that pre-war era. He said he had already written it.


He also confirmed that he worked with Mark Millar to pitch a new Superman trilogy to Warner Bros. Pictures over a decade ago. This was before Man Of Steel in 2013. He said it was very much in the vein of Richard Donner’s 1978 original.

“I think Donner nailed it. Wonder Woman worked very well because it was basically a Donner/Superman film but reimagined as Wonder Woman. I would’ve done a modern version of Donner.


Our big idea was that Krypton doesn’t blow up. It does eventually. The dad was right, but he got his timing wrong. When Superman is grown up, suddenly there’s a mass exodus and all hell breaks loose. That was our main idea.”

He also said James Gunn should cast his Kingsman star Taron Egerton as Lex Luthor. He confirmed a Kick-Ass reboot and Kingsman 3 are his next projects, along with an unnamed musical.



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