There is a surprise at the box office this weekend. Musical biopic Bob Marley: One Love has had a pretty tough time from critics, but fans seem to be embracing it, and it is generating strong world of mouth recognition. This has translated to performance exceeding expectations at the box office this weekend, with $27.7 million pulled in over the three day.

By the time you throw in the Valentine’s period then it is looking to beat $51 million. Overseas, the film took in an additional $29 million. It has already made more than its budget back.

This has embarrassed further Madame Web. Sony’s female-centric superhero spin-off was second with $17.6 million over the three-day, $25.8 million for the six-day. Add in another $25.7 million from overseas and it is looking like it won’t make its budget back, let alone cover costs and distribution.


Added to the Morbius debacle, Sony must now be getting worried that its former SPUMC is a total bust, and will probably already be on the phone with Marvel begging for Spider-Man 4 collaboration to be accelerated.

Review scores are either level with, or even below, Morbius. They have a real issue on their hands now over at Sony, with other projects already shot in this space.

Continuing the flop theme, Matthew Vaughn’s spy thriller Argylle was third with $4.72 million over the three-day weekend. This is now firmly a bomb.

Migration was fourth with $3.75 million, and Wonka keeps shoveling in dollars with another $3.49 million taking it past $600 million worldwide.

Presidents Day weekend is shaping up to be the worst for the box office since the pandemic, and the lowest collective total since 1995.

All eyes are now on Dune Part Two to see if that can turn things around out there.

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