Hot off the press! The trailer for the Amy Winehouse biopic, called Back To Black has just been revealed and it’s my solemn duty to share it with you glorious beings!

Back To Black stars Marisa Abela as everyone’s favourite junkie-singer in a movie directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson (Nowhere Boy50 Shades of Grey). STJ recently sat down with Empire to discuss the biopic:

“We really wanted to do it from [Amy’s] perspective, and through her eyes; to take us on the journey through her music, and through her words, so that we’re back with her.


Rather than the documentary, which is very much outside looking in. I wanted to feel like we were with her in her creative process.”


Amy Winehouse Poster


Deserved Popularity?

To be honest, I’ve never understood the appeal of Amy Winehouse and I don’t understand why she’s been immortalised. She made two albums, the first called Frank which went relatively unnoticed. The second called Back To Black, was a worldwide success that sold 30 million records. However, Back To Black doesn’t have much repeat factor to it and I think it’s overproduced.

I believe her popularity is down to two things. Firstly, we are inundated with music that is nothing more than manufactured mediocrity. Amy Winehouse was a rarity, and some people were crying out for a tragic idol they could call their own. Oh boy did she deliver!


Amy Winehouse_2


Secondly, she captured the public’s imagination because she was a fucking train wreck. And like all train wrecks, people couldn’t take their eyes off it. Her self-destruction was sadly inevitable and like the ghouls that these sycophants are, they found it fascinating to see how long she would last.

Well, it lasted until 2011 when at the age of just 27, she died of an overdose. Now she gets (undeservedly in my opinion) to stand alongside the likes of Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jimmi Hendrix, etc. as a tortured soul taken before her time.

Back to Black is released in the UK and Ireland on 12th April, and in the U.S. on 10th May.



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