Yesterday, a Gunnite asked James Gunn on something called Threads (I think that’s where all the pussies hang out), if Abrams’ Superman project was still going ahead, to which Lil’ Jimmy replied “Yes”.

The Black Superman project was first revealed in 2021 when JJ Abrams upped sticks and moved across to Warner Bros. At the time it was on a promise to get his mitts on their DC IP. Justice League Dark was another project on his roadmap. Abrams was to produce this new Superman effort, while Ta-Nehisi Coates was attached as a writer. Michael B. Jordan was rumored back in 2021 for the role but he denied any firm plans.


The destroyer of franchises approaches…


Then the Warner Bros. Discovery merger kicked on, and there was a massive regime change around the executive table at Warner Bros.

The lack of direction in the DCEU was a big issue for the new leadership, and Gunn and Peter Safran subsequently were installed as DC’s new co-chiefs, entirely overhauling or scrapping many projects in development.

It was presumed that JJ Abrams’ Superman project had been killed in this reshuffle, particularly as Superman: Legacy was then spun up in pretty short order.

If what Gunn says is true, then the Abrams-produced Superman will join Joker: Folie a Deux, The Batman, and The Penguin as Elseworlds projects. That is projects that are not part of the larger DCU continuity.


If it were true… but it isn’t. They know it. We know it. It’s not happening. They just can’t admit it. First up, this is Hollywood where, as we know, nobody ever has a bad meeting. Conference rooms across the town are full of people just blowing smoke up each other’s asses and telling them what they want to hear simply to preserve egos and working relationships.

Secondly, nobody in Hollywood is going to openly admit that such a project is dead, killed, because it is a truly terrible idea and they know it would crater so hard it emerged in China. They will just kick the can around, then quietly shuffle away, and hope everyone forgets about it.

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