Some developments for James Gunn’s DCU emerged late yesterday, well, late if you live in the UK like some of us. First up is a new Blue Beetle trailer that has a heavy emphasis on “fambly” and bright colours… yay!

I watched the trailer with my 15 year old who said it looked quite good. So after I beat him, I realised I was wrong. Not for the beating, but the fact that this, and by the look of things, Blue Beetle and the entire Gunnverse for that matter, is not targeted towards (nearly) 50-year-olds, but for kids. Gunn and DC are clearly looking at the old Marvel formula to bring in a new generation of fans. Is that a smart move considering this is the Tik-Tok generation, and has the concentration span of chimps on cocaine?

Sadly, the Blue Beetle trailer starts off with the all-familiar cliche “rap” music.. yeah, yeah, uhuh, uhuh, yo, yo, y’all! When I say “rap”, I don’t mean the good kind like Public Enemy, Tupac, Biggy, etc. I mean the typical boring mumbling shite and overproduced trash that makes your ears bleed and you long for the day aliens invade and put us all out of our misery. 

I digress. This film is bright and shiny with plenty of quirky “humour” and wreaks of Marvelism. Looking at this trailer reminded me of when WB decided to get rid of Burton’s Batman and give us Schumacher’s. We all know how that worked out for them! At least we eventually ended up with Nolan’s trilogy. Looks like history is once again about to repeat itself.

Blue Beetle is out 18th August 2023. Check it out y’all, yo, yo!


Super Friends

Following up on the Gunnverse is new casting news for Superman: LegacyEdi Gathegi has been cast as Mr. Terrific, Gunn’s old pal, Nathan Fillion has been cast as Guy Gardner (bowl haircut?) and Isabela Merced has been cast as Hawkgirl. 

Super Friends

In typical Twitter double standards fashion, the Gunnites are creaming themselves over this, calling it inspired. Whilst the Snyderverse fans (that’s me) are reminding them about the gallons of salty tears shed when we got Batman v Superman that introduced other characters, and people screamed DC was rushing things. The irony is beautiful. If only shills had the intelligence to grasp such a thing. 

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