Russell Brand has appeared in a video on the Rumble platform for the first time since several accusations of rape and sexual assault were made against him, along with endless articles about his past behavior. He said this week had been:

“…extraordinary and distressing…”

He thanked his supporters for:

“…questioning the information that you’ve been presented with…”

He made reference to the Online Safety Bill, the UK version of seemingly global legislation that is currently either implemented or working its way through the legislative processes in most Western countries from the US and Canada to Australia and New Zealand. This is similar to the KOSA and ADCA legislation that is already on the books in the US.


The actor and comedian makes claims in the video about what he described as “media corruption and censorship” and “deep state and corporate collusion”.

They are his first public comments since allegations were published by the Sunday Times and Channel 4’s Dispatches last weekend. Brand has denied the claims, saying all relationships he had were consensual. The allegations allege incidents between 2006 and 2013.


Earlier this week, after YouTube demonetized Brand, a UK Parliament committee asked Rumble if they would cut Brand’s income stream so he does not profit from the allegations. Rumble refused and said it would not “join a cancel culture mob”.

Brand has said he will release a more detailed video on Monday on the platform as it has made “a clear commitment to free speech”.

Since the Times article, Brand’s live tour has been postponed and his publishing deal with Pan Macmillan imprint Bluebird was suspended. The BBC has also removed some previous programs that featured Brand from digital services, saying that the content “falls below public expectations.”

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