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YouTube Demonetize Russell Brand

Russell Brand’s week went from bad to worse, as things moved up a gear with YouTube taking the decision to demonetize his channel. As reported on Sunday, Russell Brand has been accused of sexual assault by numerous women following an investigation by Channel 4 show Dispatches.

YouTube said it had suspended the monetization of Brand’s channel for “violating our Creator Responsibility policy”. Brand has 6.6M subscribers on YouTube and his daily videos regularly get millions of views. A recent interview with Tucker Carlson has an astonishing 2.4M views, an interview with Candace Owens got 2.9M and various interviews with Jordan Peterson pulled in over 2M each. A YouTube spokesperson said:

“If a creator’s off-platform behaviour harms our users, employees, or ecosystem, we take action to protect the community,”

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Conspiracy Or Reality?

Many commentators are saying he’s toast. On the other side of the culture battle lines are those pointing to the coincidental timing of these allegations and the quick reaction to condemn Brand by a majority of everyone in the media.

Brand often talks about God, spirituality, well-being, and living a healthy lifestyle. His videos often feature stories about UFOs, political corruption, and media coverups. He has recently been focusing on questioning the COVID narrative, the increasing numbers of heart attacks, strokes, and sudden deaths that some are linking to the vaccines.

He spoke about Bill Gates, Obama, and Ukraine. A lot of subject matter that is catnip to some people, and highly triggering to others. Brand is targeting a lot of powerful people and playing a dangerous game. Some say he had this coming due to past behaviour. Others say, whether you agree with him or not, Brand is innocent until proven guilty, and trial by media is a big issue these days.

Adding grist to the skeptic mill is that past sexual allegations from decades past something that was also pushed on Brett Kavanaugh, Julian Assange, and Tucker Carlson. A number of these people spoke out against the governments, big pharma, the legacy media, and the establishment, which drives a lot of skepticism. Others say these are just naive excuses.

Russell Brand’s Bipolarisation tour promoters have announced that the comedian’s three remaining tour dates have been canceled. His publishing deal with Pan Macmillan imprint Bluebird has been suspended and now the BBC has removed all content featuring Brand from their iPlayer.

Russell Brand


On Air Fighting

Yesterday GB News presenters Andrew Pierce and Beverly Turner who host a morning show, literally had an on-air spat. Turner pointed out that Brand was innocent until proven guilty and questioned the motives behind these accusations. Pierce disagreed and has already seemed to find Brand guilty regardless.

Today’s show with the two was extremely uncomfortable viewing as they were clearly not on speaking terms, and it seems to have now spoiled over to Twitter. You can see yesterday’s clip below:


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