Oh, this is a doozy even by today’s standards. Let me introduce a trailer for A24’s Dicks: The Musical.

For some God-forsaken reason, the film studio that has given us some of the most engaging and unique films of late like Ex Machina, The Lighthouse, and of course, Everything Everywhere All At Once to name but a few, decided this was a good idea. Dicks: The Musical is A24’s first (and I’d put money on it being their last) musical.

I was going to write up the film’s synopsis and a little bit about the cast etc, but having seen this, words escape me. So forgive me, because this is one of those rare occasions where you just need to jump in and watch it for yourself. My advice is to have a bar of soap handy to rub directly into your corneas after watching. You’ve been warned. Oh, NSFW by the way!

The bar for quality in Hollywood was set so low that there was barely an inch left above ground, but Dicks: The Musical has just moved it about 1000 feet nearer the Earth’s core. Hit the comments section Outposters, because Dicks: The Musical deserves a whole new level of wrath and contempt.

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