Gentlemen welcome back to Film Club. We have had a great response from you all, so thank you! We’ve tried to make the choice as varied as possible so you will find a really great mix from the 10 to choose from. From giant lizards to courtroom dramas, to Cannibalism, it’s all in there!

Dr. Strangelove

The Lost City Of Z

Godzilla vs Destroyah

Touch Of Evil

Prime Cut

Solomon Kane

Cannibal Holocaust

And Justice For All

The Remains Of The Day

Valhalla Rising

The Poll

Voting for this week’s Film Club closes tomorrow at 1pm CST / 7pm UK and the results will be revealed soon after. Because we lost a day on Sunday due to the LMO staff having commitments that we couldn’t get out of (except for me, I went to the pub to watch the football), and the fact yesterday was used to collect your recommendations, I think it best we extend this week’s Film Club into next week.

So, you have until Tuesday 22nd August to watch the winning movie, which gives us all a little breathing space to find the time needed. vote wisely Outposters!

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Week 5 : What film shall we watch and review?
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