The results are in for Film Club Outposters Edition, and the winner is Valhalla Rising which was recommended by Kruge.  This week’s poll saw another increase in voting numbers, up to 135 with Valhalla Rising earning 51 votes! I’ve never even heard of this so I’m looking forward to watching it for the first time!


Film Club Week 5 Winner


What is Valhalla Rising?

Valhalla Rising was released in 2009 and stars Mads Mikkelsen (what is it with this dude and eyes?!). In 11th-century Scandinavia, an enslaved man dubbed One Eye (Mikkelsen) because of an old facial wound stages a violent uprising against those who imprisoned him. One Eye links up with Eirik (Ewan Stewart) and other Christian fanatics who aim to use their muscle to spread God’s word. Headed for Jerusalem, One Eye and his shipmates must cope with crew infighting and attacks from the coastline. But the journey’s challenges are only a harbinger of even greater brutality.


Valhalla Rising


Get Your Review Published!

Everyone has until Thursday 24th August to watch the movie and we’ll post our reviews on Saturday 26th. We’d love it if you watch it too and send us your own review to publish on the site. Simply send your review to:  with the subject title: Film Club: Valhalla Rising.

Finally here’s the trailer to whet your appetite! Enjoy and thanks for being part Film Club!


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