Hello Outposters. The results are in for Film Club Week 7; the winner is Used Cars. This week we had 74 votes, with Used Cars earning 20 of those! I’ve never even heard of this movie but it stars Kurt Russell who is always good value, and it’s directed by Robert Zemeckis so I’m as keen as mustard to see this.

Film Club 7 Results


The results were again revealed on the Livestream, which you can see in the snippet below:


What Is Used Cars?

Used Cars is a Robert Zemeckis movie from 1980 featuring Kurt Russell as Rudy Russo, an unscrupulous car salesman who aspires to become a politician. In the meantime, however, Rudy works for the nice but ineffective automobile dealer Luke Fuchs (Jack Warden). When Luke dies, Rudy takes over the lot, but he faces stiff competition from the scheming Roy L. Fuchs (also Warden) who wants his brother’s business for himself. In order to get more customers, Rudy and Roy each devise ridiculous promotions to gain the upper hand.


Special Thursday Livestream

After the show, we also decided to mix things up this week and we will do a Special Livestream this Thursday 7th September at 1pm CST / 7 pm UK. Boba Phil, The Shawns, and my good self will discuss Used Cars as well as a round-up on whatever the hell Hollywood throws at us this coming week.



Get Your Review Published!

If you want to join in on the Livestream, you have until Thursday 7th September to watch Used Cars. For those who can’t tune in, we’ll post our reviews the following day, and if you want to take a leaf out of BaldOwl’s book and submit a review, send it to:  with the subject title: Film Club: Used Cars.

Thanks for being part of Film Club, and we’ll see you on Thursday night – bring beers!

Film Club Beers


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