A new trailer for The Marvels has just been released and believe it or not, it actually looks… worse than we could have ever thought!

Let’s just cut to the chase here and not waste my time writing up this nonsense and your time reading about it. In a nutshell, The Marvels gives us Brie Larson going through her entire repertoire of facial expressions – smug and condescending.

We have wise-cracking women, you-go-girl moments, women science talk, women fight scenes, and women banter. It’s pretty much everything Hollywood thinks makes women attractive to men. Apart from actually giving us anything that makes women attractive to men. Basically, we have women acting like men.

We get some fat kid doing fight stunts that look terrible. In fact, it looks like they needed half a dozen men in greenscreen onesies using every ounce of strength they have to hoist her three inches off the floor to do a kick. There are floating kittens and the one saving grace The Marvels has are Brie Larson’s fun bags packed into a white vest.

Even by Marvel’s incredibly low standards these days, this looks like crap and I’m not wasting any more time here. Watch the trailer for shits and giggles.


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