Howdy Outposters, it’s the weekend which means we have a new VS for you and this week’s one is simply wonderful. Last week we had Johansson vs Atwell and it was damn close but I think Atwell edged it. Posh English birds eh, they are irresistible.

So I was thinking, why let Marvel have all the fun, let’s do a DC one. And then I realised that with the exception of Gadot, the DC pool was pretty sparse. That’s not to say I don’t think Amy Adams is a hot piece of tail, but is she Atwell, Johansson, Gadot level? Let’s not be silly.

I started looking at a time when Marvel couldn’t crack the silver screen and DC was running rampant with Superman and Batman back in the day. We could do battle of the Lois Lanes – Kidder vs Adams, then again we could not. More interestingly would be battle of the Batman babes – Basinger, Pfeiffer, Kidman – now we’re talking! And then like a bolt of lightning from the Mighty Zeus himself, it struck me – Battle of the Wonder Women!

This is not just any VS, oh no! This is a battle between two literal goddesses both on and off the screen. A battle of the ages. A battle of generations. Outposters, I give you – Gal Gadot VS Lynda Carter!


Wonder Woman Legs

Wonder Women

Now, there is one caveat, I have based this on Lynda Carter at the end of her reign as Wonder Woman (1979) and her in the late 70s and 80s. Obviously, I couldn’t do it now because she’s 71, and may I add, still smoking hot. However, a 71-year-old vs. a 38-year-old – let’s be real.

With that in mind, this battle between is the raw, hot-bodied, sexiness of the late 1970s Wonder Woman, when most of us Outposters were starting to grow pubes and have a tingly feeling in our nether regions. And today’s more athletic, slim but sultry take of Wonder Woman. One that now we are all old, with kids, we would willingly cut off a limb to even have someone like Gal Gadot spit on us.

Without further ado, let’s look at the tale of the tape (I should have called this TAIL of the tape), a missed opportunity.


Tale Of The Tape Wonder Woman


The Big Question

So let’s settle this one and for all. You’re Steve Trevor and both of these Wonder Women have just come to the man’s world having spent thousands of years on Themyscira surrounded by other hot women (who are definitely not lesbians). Wonder Woman has never experienced the schlong and she’s curious and as keen as mustard to get to grips with this fascinating piece of biology. You have to man up and take one for Team Mankind, so which Wonder Woman are you willing to educate?

Make your case in the comments below and feel free to add pictures to back up your argument.


Wonder Woman Bikinis


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