Masters Of The Universe: Revelation received, it is fair to say, a rough ride from fans. It landed back in 2021, which now seems so long ago yet feels like only yesterday. Kevin Smith famously hit back and also told fans to wait for the follow-up. The five-episode follow-up has arrived, and Masters of the Universe: Revolution was released last Thursday on Netflix.

The results have been far, far better this time around.

The series premiered with a perfect 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes and a solid 7.5/10 average rating, whilst the audience score was at 82% (4.2/5). That’s far higher than the 94% (7.2/10) critics and 38% (2.3/5) audience score from the first series.

*Spoiler Warning*

Skeletor is back, with Motherboard (Meg Foster) and Hordak (Keith David). Foster played Evil-Lyn in the famous (for all the wrong reasons) Dolph Lundgren-led live-action Masters Of The Universe, a Cannon Group production. As an Outposter, you know all about the Cannon Group, bless their slightly mental little hearts.


That is not the link that… ahem… canonises Cannon, though. In Masters of the Universe: Revelation Man-At-Arms and Orko visit Gwildor, a character originally introduced in the film. In this scene, Gwildor talks to Man-At-Arms about the time that they “traveled across the universe together”.

So in this universe, Courtney Cox is also canon. These are the rules. Don’t blame us!

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