It appears that Jacob Elordi of Saltburn fame can’t take a joke and is potentially facing an assault charge… or is that an asSALT charge?


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Australian police are investigating allegations of an assault by Elordi against some dude called Joshua Fox who is a radio producer for The Kyle & Jackie O Breakfast Show.

Word on the Australian street said Fox, who works for KIIS FM, heard Elordi was in town ahead of the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards. He whizzed off to the hotel where Jacob was staying and greeted him outside.

Fox then proceeded to hand Elordi an empty jar labeled “Jacob Elordi’s Bath Water” and asked the actor if he would fill it with his bathwater as a gift for his show’s host, Jackie Henderson. This was referencing a scene where Elordi spanks his monkey in the tub before leaving, only for Barry Keoghan’s character to sneak in and slurp his spunk from the plughole.

Things didn’t quite go to plan though and Fox ended up with egg on his face, well, I hope it was just egg!


Saltburn Bath


Hollywood Entitlement

Already showing flashes of celebrity narcissism beyond his tender years of 26, Elordi then demanded that Fox stop recording him and then, unlike a normal functioning human being, slammed Fox against the wall and started choking him.

Fox recalls how it all went down when he approached the Hollywood star… of one TV show and one perverted movie.




Fox hands Jacob the jar saying:

“Could I give you this? Jackie wants a birthday present.”

Elordi reads the container’s label aloud:

“Jacob Elordi’s Bath Water. What am I supposed to do with this? You’re kidding me… are you filming? Can you not, man, please?”

Fox said that he cut off the recording but Elordi’s fee-fees were hurt so he soon attempted to intimidate him, according to the producer’s account of the incident.

“He kind of gets up in my face… He’s a lot taller than me. I could’ve kissed him, he was that close. I’m backed against this wall, he’s right in my face and his two boys are now either side of me… It was kind of scary. I’m feeling quite intimated, and Jacob demands I delete the footage.”

Fox claims that when he refused Elordi’s demand, which is when:

“Jacob flips and he kind of pushes me against the wall, and his hands are on my throat.”



“And then the peasant dared to mock me in front of my people.”


Fox then says one of Jacob’s “boys” pulled Elordi off and the altercation dissipated. Fox says one of them approached him afterward, saying not to talk about the incident.

Not talk about the incident?! Haha, the ego on these people! This dude is walking around like he’s some kind of billionaire businessman who has changed the world. Damn, he’s not even a politician backed by big pharma who has political muscle and clout. He’s a 26-year-old kid with a monobrow who has been famous for about a year for being able to do make-believe in front of a camera.




Fox Is Bottling It

No, not the bath water or Elordi’s jism, he’s not going to press charges. He said on the Kyle and Jackie O Breakfast Show that he does not intend to press charges and has already spoken to police.

“I just want this to end. I’ve said my piece now. The story’s out there. Let’s move on. Jacob, go do your own thing. Maybe next time someone speaks to you on the street don’t grab them, allegedly.”

Fuck that! Little big man wants to act like a savage then I say treat him as such. I’d press charges and shout from the rooftops what an unhinged dirtbag he is. If this kid is acting like this after one successful movie, what in tarnation is he going to be like in several years with a string of them under his belt?

Screw these people! Then again, looking at Joshua Fox’s Instagram profile, I’m beginning to think the bloke probably deserved it.




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