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Wyaaaaaa Outposters, that’s hello in Shyriiwook which is the language of Wookies. The reason is that today’s vs is a battle between two sci-fi Goddesses – Princess Leia vs Padme Amidala.

This Mother vs Daughter Skywalker battle is a real toughie for sure. My pals at the pub were all in for Leia, but my sons and their chums didn’t even hesitate to pronounce their love for Padme. One thing is for sure though, you wouldn’t kick either of them out of bed for spilling blue milk on the sheets.

Both these women are headstrong, smart, brave, and cunning. Each has a soft spot for a Skywalker boy but unfortunately for Leia, it turned out to be her brother. Anyway, enough of the incest, let’s get to the nitty gritty of it!

Leia Padme Dresses

Someone Who Loves You

There are a lot of ages and decades to take into consideration here. In Star Wars, Leia is 19. In Empire Strikes Back, she is 22, and in Return Of The Jedi, she is 23. As it ended on Endor, we’ll leave it there.

In The Phantom Menace, Padme was 14… quickly moving on. In Attack Of The Clones, she is 24 and in Revenge Of The Sith she is 27. For the stats, I’ve hit the sweet spot and gone for the middle movies. For the images, I’ve tried to find ones that are as close to one another as I can.


Leia Padme Gowns
Yeah I know this is Padme from Sith but I couldn’t find one similar to Leia.

The Tale Of The Tape

Leia Padme Tale Of The Tape


The Big Question

So let’s settle this one and for all. You’ve spent the day battling the bad guys and shooting your pew-pews, or flapping your laser sword in the faces of your enemies. You’re exhausted, battered, and bruised and the Bacta Tank is on the fritz. You can’t be bothered to jump on your speeder and head to Mos Eisley for a couple of Spotchkas with your fellow rebel scum.

There are two big questions you have to answer:
1. Are you calling on Leia or Padme to cover you in warm droid oil, grease up your lightsaber, and take your mind off your day of heroics?
2. What outfit are you insisting they wear?


Leia Padme Final


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