Mia Goth is being sued by an extra after he claims she kicked him in the head whilst filming a scene for the A24 movie MaXXine.

A background extra of Goth’s upcoming film MaXXXine which completes the trilogy after X and Pearl, says during a scene, Goth kicked him in the head on purpose during a take which inevitably led to his dismissal from the film.

James Hunter says he was hired for three days of work to play the role of “Dead Parishioner”. When I say playing the role, what I actually mean is, that he lays on the floor for several hours covered in fake blood. That’s it. That is the range of his acting skills. Why they just don’t use mannequins or the Just Stop Oil people to do the role for nothing is beyond me.


Mia Goth Maxxine


Anyway, poor little James said on top of having to endure “ants and mosquitoes.” (poor baby), he alleges that on the fourth take where Goth was to step over him, then run, she nearly stepped on him. Rather than just accept it was an accident, Lil’ Jimmy went full soy boy and complained to the second assistant director.

On the next take of what sounds like a truly grueling scene to master (five takes for stepping over someone and then running away? Fuck off), Hunter claims, Goth deliberately kicked him in the head with her boot.




After the scene, Jimbo alleges that he was in the bathroom when Goth came in and “taunted, mocked, and belittled” him. On top of this PTSD-inducing nightmare for Jimmy Wimmy, he also had to suffer from “dried onto his robe, causing him pain when he removed it”.

On the drive home (I’m amazed he is allowed to drive and doesn’t rely on his mummy giving him a lift), he felt lightheaded and had to pull over twice. The next day, the casting agency informed him that the production did not want him back for the remaining two days, according to the suit. The suit accuses Mia Goth of battery and also includes a wrongful termination claim against A24.





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