Yesterday we reported that one of Hollywood’s worst-kept secrets, Pedro Pascal as Reed Richards in Fantastic Four, was inadvertently, seemingly, confirmed by a mistake by SAG-AFTRA. On their website, they updated a listing that, om face value, confirmed The Last of Us and The Mandalorian star in the role.

That listing was changed pretty quickly, but not before many people picked up on it and it spread across the internet like wildfire.

Now, the same people who reported on the SAG-AFTRA listing ( has reported there has been another twist. Fantastic Four director Matt Shakman himself did a post on Instagram that shared one of the news stories about that deleted Pascal SAG-AFTRA casting listing. Confirmation… or mischief?


Matt Shakman


Either way, something happened. Possibly there was a phone call from somebody high up somewhere. Why? Because a few hours later Shakman’s entire Instagram page appeared to have been deleted. Gone. The “This page does not exist” warning was evident.

No casting is officially set for the film, but it must be up and running by the end of the spring to catch its summer 2025 release date.

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