Napoleon needs more hype! It’s Ridley Scott directing Joaquin Phoenix in a historical epic with gigantic battle scenes. This, right here, is normally the kind of thing that cinema was invented for. Instead, what do we get? Beyonce concert films, that’s what! Actually, the more I think about it, the more I think maybe Western civilization really does deserve to fall. In a microcosm, this may be why we are beyond saving.

Until our eventual doom arrives, at least we have Napoleon to look forward to. Now Sony Pictures has released a new featurette. This short presentation features mainly co-star Vanessa Kirby talking about Oscar winner Phoenix and his performance as the famous French military commander turned Emperor. Kirby plays his lover, Josephine, in the film.


The movie centers on Bonaparte’s relentless journey to power and his attempted conquest of Europe using his addictive, obsessive, and volatile relationship with Josephine at the center.

Where this gets really interesting is that this movie will include some of the biggest practical battle sequences ever filmed. And here is the kicker. Most movies of this type focus on a single giant battle that is a finale. This movie will apparently showcase SIX battles from Napoleon’s various campaigns.

Being something of an enthusiast for this period in history, I would guess these will include the Battle Of The Pyramids, which was his first major military engagement as a general. Then there is the Battle Of Marengo where he overcame the odds and famously said afterward that he had lost the battle by five o’clock, but he won it back again at seven. This battle got him his military and civil authority back in Paris.


The Battle Of Austerlitz was one of his most famous victories. We know this is in the movie as that is where he used his cannon on the ice to against the Russians. The Battle Of Rolica was the first time he faced his nemesis, Wellington. With just 4,000 troops Napoleon fought a rearguard withdrawal.

The Battle of Borodino was the decisive battle of the Moscow campaign, but it was the Battle of Leipzig that eventually forced Napoleon to abdicate in defeat so that will have to be shown in the movie. As, to, will his eventual defeat at the hands of Wellington at the Battle Of Waterloo that ended Napoleon’s comeback tour decisively and led to his permanent downfall.

Tahar Rahim, Ben Miles, Ludivine Sagnier, Matthew Needham, Youssef Kerkour, Youssef Kerkour, and Ian McNeice co-star. Napoleon will get an exclusive theatrical run starting November 22nd which will be followed at a later date by steaming exclusively on the Apple TV+ service.

This seems like an Outposter’s movie. You know what to do.

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