PREY 2 Is Coming

That’s right you goddamn sexual tyrannosauruses, Prey 2 is officially in the works!

Dan Trachtenberg is returning to direct the sequel called Badlands which he co-wrote the script with Patrick Aison. The film is a high priority for 20th Century Studios and sources say Trachtenberg and the bigwigs are already meeting with actors and/or actresses for the lead role.

Prey became an unexpected hit and caught many of us off guard. I for one was expecting it to be a girl power shit show and I couldn’t have been more wrong. Not only did the movie break streaming records for Hulu but it received some well-deserved rave reviews. Prey was also nominated for best movie at the Emmys.

20th Century were so pleased with the unexpected results of Prey that they are not just looking at one sequel but they want to expand on a universe with Trachtenberg spearheading it.


Prey Poster


If they give Dan complete control and don’t meddle and try to shoehorn in “the message”, this could defiantly give some much-needed juice to a franchise that, but let’s be honest, apart from the original and the divisive Predator 2, the Predator movies have been mostly shite.

Understandably, plot details are being kept under wraps and it’s too early to know about release plans and whether it will once again stream exclusively on Hulu. But considering we are possibly seeing early signs of streaming fatigue, and the fact that 20th Century is releasing their upcoming Alien: Romulus in theaters, a theatrical release for Badlands would seem like a pretty safe bet.


Prey Poster 2


No one knows if Amber Midthunder will return and so far there has never been an instance where the star of a previous Predator film has returned to reprise their role. Personally, I’d like to see a different time period for each of these sequels and I would hate to see previous actors like Arnie or Glover returning for a cameo. I say, keep these films as separate entities and do not fall into the trap of the tired trope of cross-overs.

Give me Predator vs Vikings, or Romans, or the Mongols. We have a long history of violent tribes and nations for Trachtenberg to explore. Do you Outpostrs have a particular preference as to who you would like to see a Predator square off against? Let me know in the comments.




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