Daisy Ridley, better known as Rey PALPATINE, was recently doing the rounds to promote her new movie The Marsh King’s Daughter when talk inevitably turned to Disney Star Wars Episode IV (think about it) which is set 15 years after The Rise Of Skywalker Palpatine.

Talking to Brian Davids over at The Hollywood Reporter, Ridders said the announcement of a new Disney Star Wars film was news even to her prior to her surprise appearance at Star Wars Celebration.

“When I was at Sundance, I did not know. I shot my movie (Magpie) when I got back, and I had a breakfast with Kathy (Emporer Kennedy) that I thought was just breakfast. And then it was mentioned, so I thought about it. I loved the story, and I was like, ‘OK.’ Things then happened quite quickly, and it felt like I was instantaneously on a stage being introduced by Sharmeen.


It honestly took me back to being 20 or 21, however old I was, when (Disney Star Wars: The Force Awakens) was announced. I was petrified, I was overwhelmed, I was really nervous, but the response was really wonderful. And I’m genuinely really excited about the next one. I haven’t read anything, but I know the story. It’s really worth telling, worth exploring, and I think people will be excited.”



“I think people will be excited.”


Rid-diddly-iddly may not know much about the next it’s not Star Wars movie, but Emporrer Kennedy has already explained the basic premise of the movie at the aforementioned Star Wars Celebration:

“Well, we’re 15 years out from Rise of Skywalker so we’re kind of post-war, post-First Order, and the Jedi are in disarray. And there’s a lot of discussion around who are the Jedi, what are they doing, what’s the state of the galaxy? And she’s attempting to rebuild the Jedi Order based on the books, based on what she promised Luke. So that’s where we’re going.”

I’m confident when say I speak for 99% of Outposters here when I state:


Star Wars Endor


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