After reading Shawn T’s Barbie review, I decided to check the movie out. It was absolutely awful and if it wasn’t for Margot Robbie’s magnificent legs, I would have switched it off after about 30 minutes. However, I’m a hot-blooded male, and I simply could not pry my eyes away from the screen.

So, behind the LMO scenes, I messaged Shawn to tell him what a bastard he was for making it seem like Barbie was worth checking out in his review. His reply was short but eloquent:

“Oh gee Matt. Im sooooooo soorrrrry I tricked you into looking at Margo Robbie’s ass for 2 hours. Poor wanker.”

At least he’s embracing English swear words. Anyway, this started the kind of discussion that, as you would expect, focussed on Margot Robbie, something about stamping on kittens, sniffing Ryan Gosling, a selection of scenarios that are simply too eye-watering to repeat, and finally Ana de Armas, which leads us to where we are now.

The Tale Of The Tape

So, in a big, fat, hairy nutshell the question was raised. Who is the ultimate Hollywood beauty right now? Margot Robbie or Ana de Armas? Now before you all start rushing off to the comments section, let me give you the lowdown on these two goddesses of our times and see what each brings to the tale of the tape.


Tale Of The Tape Robbie DeArmas


The Big Question

So let’s settle this one and for all, through the power of Outposters. A debate behind the scenes has now gone public. Just who is on top in Hollywood right now? Make your case in the comments below and feel free to add pictures to back up your argument, you won’t get any arguments from us.

Margot Robbie Armas


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