Bob The Builder is heading to the big screen and he’s getting race swapped. Mattel is making a new movie featuring British creation, Bob The Builder, but the odious ego-maniac Jennifer Lopez is producing which means Bob is now going to be Roberto. According to the official synopsis:

Bob Roberto travels to Puerto Rico for a major construction job. There he takes on issues affecting the island and digs deeper into what it means to build. His journey will celebrate the vibrant and colorful textures of the Caribbean Latin nations and their people.



Can We F*ck It Up? Yes, We Can!

Felipe Vargas is attached to write the screenplay and bastardize the beloved British character. No director has not been announced and someone called Anthony Ramos will voice the title character. President of Mattel Films, Robbie Brenner, waffles on:

“Bob the Builder carries an important message to the big screen. For years, Bob the Builder’s characters have inspired young people around the world. A movie about friends working together, a celebration of a beautiful home they share, and how love can help to conquer any obstacle in your way. Can we fix it? Yes, we can!


The show’s ability to promote positive thinking, problem-solving, and empowerment with a completely original story set in Puerto Rico puts a new spin on a beloved brand.”


Bob Builder Ramos
Anthony Ramos will voice Bob. The likeness is uncanny.


Bob Is An Englishman!

Bob the Builder is a British animated series created by Keith Chapman and first aired in 1999. It is now shown in more than thirty countries. My two eldest sons loved the show growing up and I’ve been subjected to countless episodes, costume parties, and toy purchases over the years.

I am sure if they were going to remake Dora the Explorer as Daisy The Explorer, voiced by an English rose, changed her entire backstory and everything she was famous for, people like Lopez would be fine with it, right?

Reading the synopsis and the inevitable nonsense this is going to be, I’m glad they are now adults and I won’t be subjected to this. I feel sorry for you Outposters who still have young kids or grandkids and you will have to sit through this.


Salute you


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