Shannon Not Satisfied With Zod’s Return

We are just three days away from the official release of The Flash and the marketing is at maximum speed. However, not all of it is positive with the latest snipe from one of the film’s stars, Michael Shannon. In a new interview with Collider, Mike got honest about his return as Zod, I mean General Zod, forgive my lapse in decorum, I am a stranger to their ways.

Previously, Shannon revealed that he was “a little confused” when he received the offer to join The Flash and reprise his role of General Zod from Man of Steel.  Now, he has revealed that those complicated feelings were not resolved while making DC’s latest mess in their desperate attempt to finally rid themselves of the Snyderverse.

“I’m not going to lie — it wasn’t quite satisfying for me, as an actor. These multiverse movies are like somebody playing with action figures. It’s like, ‘Here’s this person. Here’s that person. And they’re fighting!’ It’s not quite the in-depth character study situation that I honestly felt ‘Man of Steel’ was. Whether people think that’s crazy or not, I don’t even care. I really felt like Man of Steel was actually a pretty sophisticated story.”

Not quite the in-depth character study situation that he honestly felt with Man of Steel… beautiful.

Antonio Banderas

Working With Ezra

Shannon did go on to explain that he enjoyed the experience, in particular working with Miller despite the dude endless stream of problems that DC has swept under the carpet. Shannon recently explained that he sympathizes with Miller because he understands the pressures of working in the public eye. Oh boo hoo.

“I thought Ezra was lovely — very kind to me when I was there. It’s difficult to talk about, but I always give people a lot of slack in this business, because there are a lot of people in this business that have issues. And some people have more privacy than others. I just think Ezra is a fascinating performer and actor. I can’t wait to see his performance. It’s a huge challenge. I don’t wanna give anything away, but what Ezra has to do in this movie is pretty crazy, and I think he’s up for the task.”

Say what you will about Miller but there’s no denying he has acting chops. Regardless, he’s blown his chance at leading a franchise like DC so regardless if he turns in a performance that Laurence Olivier would be jealous of, his time is probably done.


DC’s Warring Tribes

To date, The Flash is pulling in mixed reviews. Some are praising it and claiming it’s one of the greatest superhero movies ever made. I won’t lie, these are the people who worship the ground James Gunn walks on and are just trying to earn favor so they can continue to collect goodie bags from DC whilst Jimmy G is in charge.

Then you have the flip side who claim it’s a mess, the CGI is terrible and Keaton and Affleck’s Batmen are a wasted opportunity, where’s Henry Cavill, and on and on it goes. These are the Snyderverse fans who, like me are still bitter and twisted and just won’t let it go.

However, I have a day off work tomorrow as I’m heading up to the O2 in London to see Hans Zimmer in concert, but beforehand, like a glutton for punishment, like a moth to a flame, like a cat heading towards a large dollop of curiosity, I’m going to see The Flash in the morning. I’ll post a review when I’m back, and I promise you I will go in neutral and put my biases aside, because at the end of the day, regardless of my views on Synder, Cavill, and Gunn, I am ultimately a DC fan, who genuinely only wants the best thing for these wonderful characters.


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Check back every day for movie news and reviews at the Last Movie Outpost