What were we saying the other day about shark movies and the sheer glut of them vs the quality of them? Here comes another to potentially add to the pile. Will Beast Of War veer towards Jaws, or Sharknado?

Beast Of War is the latest project from Wyrmwood and Nekrotronic director Kiah Roache-Turner. It is tagged as a survival thriller and described by the blurb as an:

“…adrenaline-fuelled shark movie.”

The movie is set up at Cornerstone and will be shopped around the American Film Market for a US distributor.

Beast Of War tells the 1942 story of a warship carrying hundreds of Australian soldiers across the Timor Sea to the frontline of WW2. It is attacked by the Japanese and sinks. A handful of surviving soldiers build a makeshift raft from floating debris. Tensions run high as they struggle to survive in the middle of the ocean.


ANZAC soldiers in WWII


Meanwhile, a great white shark is drawn to the wreckage by the smell of fresh blood in the water.

Blake Northfield and Chris Brown are producers, and the movie will be shot between Australia and Malta. CreatureNFX director Paul Trefry (Unbroken, Alien: Covenant) will create some practical sharks and other effects for the movie.

Roache-Turner’s spider horror Sting was also set up at Cornerstone and scored a deal with Studiocanal for release.



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