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Sopranos Star Is A Giamope!

What’s a giamope? It’s Italian for an idiot, a lame brain, a half-wit, and sometimes pronounced “ja mook”. You see, Michael Imperioli has just been whining on social media that he forbids “Bigots” and “Homophobes” from watching his work. Hold up, let’s rewind a bit here because you’re probably asking who the hell Michael Imperioli is.

Imperioli is better known, well, really only known as Christopher from The Sopranos. You remember Christopher right? He’s often referred to as Tony’s cousin, when in fact he’s actually Carmela’s first cousin. He’s also a whiny little bitch, a total fuck up who acts impulsively rather than rationally. He is also of such a weak mind that he can’t even look at a glass of wine before spiraling into some self-pitying alcohol and drug binge because he’s sad his Dad was killed when he was three years old. All in all, Christopher is pretty pathetic so it’s understandable that Mikey landed the role of a lifetime because, by recent behavior, he didn’t require to do much acting.


Sopranos Christopher
Oh boo hoo, I need more of that Copium in my veins.

Allow Me to Discriminate

The reason Mickey is all sad and throwing a tantrum is because the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a web designer, Lorie Smith could refuse to provide services for same-sex weddings. Lorie sued the state over its anti-discrimination law that prohibited businesses providing sales or other accommodations to the public from denying service based on a customer’s sexual orientation.

Lorie explained why she wouldn’t create wedding websites for same-sex couples, as she opposes them due to her religious beliefs. Under Colorado law, she stated that posting such a statement would be illegal. The case was argued to the Supreme Court under free speech grounds and she won. The Constitution remains undefeated.

So once Imperioli gets hold of the news, like Christoper Moltisanti, the only character he’s ever remembered for playing (apart from the kid who served drinks in Goodfellas and got shot in the foot by Tommy) he acts impulsively and cries and stamps his feet, and ends up making a complete tit of himself. Writing on his Instagram account, Lil’ Mike whines:

“I’ve decided to forbid bigots and homophobes from watching The Sopranos, The White Lotus, Goodfellas or any movie or TV show I’ve been in. Thank you Supreme Court for allowing me to discriminate and exclude those who I don’t agree with and am opposed to. USA! USA!”


Sopranos Christopher PC
Mikey reading this article: “This Eggy bloke is a right bastard. He better not be watching The Sopranos… waaahhhhhh!”

Whatcha Gonna Do?

As usual, people like Michael are steeped in double standards and hypocrisy. Imperioli’s net worth of $20 million is mainly down to his work as Christopher in The Sopranos. They are a mob family that has clear hostility towards homosexuals, and you only have to see what happened to Vito after he was caught in a gay club.

Imperioli clearly didn’t seem too fussed about filming numerous scenes where Vito was the butt (yeah, pun intended) of jokes about his sexuality. Here’s Michael as Christopher using a whole slow bunch of slurs to describe Vito as well as threatening to kill him.



And here’s Christopher telling the story of Trans woman who he refers to as “that thing”:

Doubling Down

As you can imagine, many mocked him but like all these Hollywood luvvies who are full of their own pissing importance, he doubled down:

“Hate and ignorance is not a legitimate point of view. America is becoming dumber by the minute.”

Oh Michael, as much of a buffoon as you are, I have to agree with that last sentence. Now, I’m off to watch the scene where you die in The Sopranos


Eggy Sopranos


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