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SOUND OF FREEDOM Cinema Shenanigans?

As we all know, Sound Of Freedom is making some serious noise and earning some big bucks, regardless of the media blackout or certain fractions calling it a QAnon conspiracy even though it’s based on true events and facts.

Drunken Yoda recently reviewed the movie and urged everyone to put their money into it because it delivers such an important message. Critics are divided, with a majority agreeing with Drunken Yoda, but the usual mob at CNN, The Guardian, and Rolling Stone in particular, are discouraging people from seeing it. These people need their hard drives checked.

Well, that’s not the half of it because since its release there have been numerous complaints regarding a string of bizarre shenanigans going on at cinema screenings. At first, and on cue, the hive mind called it another conspiracy and wobbled their blue-haired heads and mocked the claims. However, the reports are increasing and now videos are appearing online of these weird coincidences happening across the US.


They’re Afraid

I’ve compiled a selection of videos from the Twitterverse for you to see for yourselves. Watch as people are reporting the AC being turned off so the cinema is unbearably hot. Projection problems, the sound turned down, and even lights left on throughout the movie.

Other reports include fire alarms going off, the film needing to be downloaded (WTF?), as well the film being corrupted and needing to be started again halfway through! Another issue is people finding limited seating due to the screening being fully booked, only to find it empty when they arrive!

The most common response to this from these cinema chains is asking people to wait 30+ minutes for them to fix the “problem”, or as they want, have a refund and just go home. Let’s make it clear, Hollywood and certain politicians are afraid and desperate for people not to see Sound Of Freedom.

The Mouse Is Pissed

To finish on a lighter note, some clever sausage has made a delightful video using a clip from South Park to show Disney‘s frustration at Sound Of Freedom dominating the current box office at the expense of their latest tripe.

Make of it as you will and let me know what you think in the comments section – Conspiracy or Corruption?

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Check back every day for movie news and reviews at the Last Movie Outpost