The Blob is getting its fourth version according to an exclusive at The Wrap.

That’s right because most Hollywood studios are full of cowards who are too terrified to try anything new, they are remaking The Blob again. Actually, they are “reimagining” it because “remake” was so last year.

Warner Bros. Discovery has hired David Bruckner (The Ritual, The Night House, V/H/S, and 2022’2 Hellraiser) to write and direct the “reimagining”. David Goyer and Keith Levine are attached to produce with Judith Harris serving as executive producer.



The Blobs

The original The Blob starred Steve McQueen in his first leading role way back in 1958 when Drunken Yoda was still in High School. The first remake (or was it a sequel?), Beware! The Blob was in 1972 and starred Larry Hagman.

The second remake was in 1988 which starred Kevin Dillion aka Matt’s brother. For that version, The Blob was no longer an alien instead it was a biological weapon. Hold up that means that 88’s The Blob was actually a reimagining, therefore this version is a remake of a reimagining of a remade remake.


Mind Blown


Cult Classic

1958’s The Blob is a B-Movie of cult classic status and is still beloved all these years later. Hagmna’s version doesn’t get much love but Chuck Russell’s 1988 version was applauded by horror fans for its elaborate effects, practical make-up, and a much more violent tone.

The Wrap also notes that:

“Plot details about the reimagining are being kept under wraps. The original 1958 The Blob tells the story of an amorphous alien lifeform that descends upon a rural Pennsylvania town and begins consuming anyone it comes into contact with. The alien, an expanding mass of red gelatinous material, grows as it eats and is strong enough to pull human victims into itself from all directions.”



Fun Fact: The Blob 1988 was the first film to star a trans woman.


I’m sure The Blob fans will be apprehensive about this reimagined remake… I’m not doing this again… will rely heavily on CGI and therefore lose what made the originals so great. Rest assured because David Bruckner seems to be faithful to the source material. You only need to watch Hulu’s Hellraiser, to see that Bruckner relied on practical effects to create the updated Cenobite designs.

Reports that Lizzo and Gorlock The Destroyer are in the mix to star as The Blob are at this stage unfounded but totally believable.


The Blob Lizzo

“Bitch, I’m coming to digest yo ass!”


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