Top 10 Movies Of The 70s

There’s a little thing going on over at X (or Twitter depending if you give a shite what you call it) and it’s people sharing their Top 10 movies of each decade. The only catch is you have to have to choose just one movie from each year of that decade.

As it’s been a while since I did a Top 10, I thought I’d give it a blast on here because I know how much you Outposters love a list! As usual, these are my personal favourites. Here goes nothing!

1970 – The Aristocats

Yeah, I know Patton was released in 1970 and seems to be the number one choice on a majority of the lists I have read in order to top up my knowledge for this article. However, I’ve never seen it and as I was born in 74, I have very fond memories of watching The Aristocats when I was a wee lad. The animation style, story, and music are classic Disney, something that never gets old. A truly magical time for a once great company.

The Aristocats


1971 – A Clockwork Orange

One of Stanley Kubrick’s many masterpieces adapted from Anthony Burgess’ classic story about a dystopian future rife with sexual deviants, crime, injustice, corruption, arsehole politicians, out of control gangs… wait was Burgess from the year 2023? Regardless, this movie remains (disturbingly) influential and prophetic half a century on.



1972 – The Godfather

The greatest movie ever made. End of.

The Godfather


1973 – The Exorcist

After all these years, this film still freaks me out. I’m not a particularly religious person but I do know one thing – never fuck about with Ouija Boards or Satanism! The movie spawned two sequels, two prequels, a TV show, and a new sequel trilogy starting this year with The Exorcist: Believer, followed by The Exorcist: Deceiver in 2025 and a yet untitled movie soon, which shows the power of this classic horror story still holds over audiences.

The Exorcist


1974 – The Godfather: Part II

The second greatest movie ever made. End of.

The Godfather 2


1975 – Jaws

No words are necessary! Lists are easy.



1976 – Bugsy Malone

Yeah, you didn’t see this one coming, did you?! In a year that gave us Rocky, Taxi Driver, Carrie, The Omen, All the President’s Men, etc. I went for a musical with kids as gangsters! For me, this is just one of those films that makes me smile from ear to ear every time I stumble across it on TV, or hear a song from it. I absolutely love the nuts off this movie! Remember Outposters – we could have been anything that we wanted to be!



1977 – Close Encounters of the Third Kind

That’s right, I prefer this over Star Wars (it’s not called a New Hope). I love Star Wars (who doesn’t apart from Shawn T) but give me science talk, cover-ups, aliens, and a man turning his back on his bitching wife and loud kids any day over pew-pews and laser swords. Sorry, not sorry.

Close Encounters


1978 – Superman The Movie

Come on, the second you read this headline you knew this one guaranteed to make the list!



1979 – Alien

The final year of the 1970s gave us Apocalypse Now, Mad Max, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Monty Python’s Life of Brian, Quadrophenia, etc., but it’s Alien that takes it for me. What more can be said that hasn’t already. One of the greatest movies ever made.



And there you have it Outposters, some obvious, and some curve balls thrown in there too. What would your Top 10 1970s movies be, which of mine would you replace and why? Let me know what you think in the comments section, you magnificent bastards!

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Check back every day for movie news and reviews at the Last Movie Outpost