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Top 10 Movies Of The 80s

Hi Outposters, I’m back with my Top 10 movies from arguably the greatest era in cinematic history – the 1980s. Oh boy, what a decade to choose from, as you can imagine, this was nearly impossible to slim it down to 10 but like a true champ, I’ve given it my best shot. Here goes!


1980 – The Empire Strikes Back

Yesterday for the 1970s list, I chose Close Encounters over Star Wars but there was no way in this galaxy I could leave The Empire Strikes Back off. The best Star Wars ever made that has given us decades of quotes, endless discussions and some would say, the greatest twist in cinema history. The Empire Strikes Back set the bar so high, that no Star War has even come close to reaching it.

Empire Strikes Back


1981 – Raiders of the Lost Ark

George Lucas and Harrison Ford were on a roll in this era! Has there been a more successful duo than these two in movie history?



1982 – Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan

The Wrath Of Khan is one of the very few sequels that many consider better than the original. This is one of the hardest decisions I had to make for this list because this year we also got The Thing, Blade Runner, First Blood, Gandhi, and E.T. But I’m a Trekkie at heart so I make no apologies for choosing this over the others.

Shatner and Nimoy pull out all the emotional feels for Spock’s death and it’s too much for one man to take. Fortunately, I’m an alpha so I don’t have tear ducts but I have a friend who cries like a baby every time I watch he watches it.

Star Trek 2


1983 – Return Of the Jedi

It ended on Endor.

Return Of The Jedi


1984 – Ghostbusters

Shawn T will be sending me abusive messages any minute now for me not choosing The Bounty, while others will be screaming at me for not including The Terminator. Sorry boys and girls but Ghostbusters is just too much fun!



1985 – Back To The Future

One of the greatest movies ever made.



1986 – Aliens

Remember when I said Wrath Of Khan was on an elite list of sequels better than the original? Well, Aliens is on that list too. Obviously, people who say Aliens is better than Alien are wrong but the movie certainly gives its predecessor a run for its money.



1987 – Predator

Leaving off Lethal Weapon, RoboCop, The Untouchables, and Full Metal Jacket – oof! But Predator is just a perfect movie and one I have seen more times than I can count, and yet it never ever becomes tiresome.



1988 – Die Hard

How can I leave off this Christmas classic?! I was so torn between this, Young Guns and They Live but based on watchability, Die Hard edges it. This is the movie that put Bruce on the path to Hollywood legend status and rightfully so. It’s a damn tragedy he won’t remember… too soon? It was too soon.

Die Hard


1989 – Batman

OK, this is getting ridiculous to choose from! Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade, and Back to the Future Part II, are hard to leave out but Batman back in 1989 was something none of us had seen before. The marketing for this movie made anything Marvel accomplished during their prime look amateurish.

The Prince album is still a favourite of mine and Tim Burton’s take on Batman not only gave us the Batman the world needed after 1966 TV show had turned the character into a joke, but it set the standard for an overall darker and grittier look and feel for movies over the next 5 years, culminating with The Crow in 1994.

Stark says this film hasn’t aged well but I say to hell with you sir as I whip out my Batglove to give one a virtual slap across one’s face.



WOW, what a decade! Whilst you guys head to the comments to either applaud my efforts or call me a bastard for leaving some of your favourites off the list, I’m going to pray to the Gods for forgiveness for not including Blade Runner. See you in the comments section.

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Check back every day for movie news and reviews at the Last Movie Outpost