The official trailer for Gladiator II has been released.

I was only vaguely aware this movie existed, the same way I am vaguely aware that caracal cats exist. Yet, the movie boasts some heavy hitters. Here is the synopsis:

Over two decades after the events of Gladiator (2000), Lucius—the grandson of Rome’s former emperor Marcus Aurelius and son of Lucilla—lives with his wife and child in Numidia. Roman soldiers led by general Marcus Acacius invade, forcing Lucius into slavery. Inspired by the story of Maximus, as depicted in the original 2000 film, Lucius resolves to fight as a gladiator while opposing the rule of the young emperors Caracalla and Geta.

Gladiator II: The Twoening

Ridley Scott is back in the director’s chair. Denzel Washington is in it. That Pedro Pascal guy also stars, but that isn’t much of a surprise. Pascal is in pretty much everything these days.

Paul Mescal is the headliner of the show. You know Mescal. He was in…

I have looked up Mescal’s filmography and recognize nothing on his credit list. Let’s just say he was in The Last Daughter, and we will all nod like we know exactly what that is.

Otherwise, the trailer shows some interesting things. There is a rhino in this one instead of a tiger, so we got that going for us. Ships make an appearance.

Oh yeah, we also got Connie Nielsen. Remember her? She was a thing for about 10 minutes in the early 2000s. Then she became involved with Lars Ulrich from Metallica and kind of disappeared. Maybe because she was too tall and Lars insisted on her not appearing in public because it would make him look short? It’s a theory, at any rate.

Here is the trailer for Gladiator II. Check it out.

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