Sometimes, professionally, things don’t quite go as planned. You don’t hit your targets. Or you blow your budget. A new product doesn’t quite launch, you don’t win that contract, or a project stalls, or is canned altogether. This is life. This happens. Any of our Outposters knows this, and is equipped to roll with the punches and keep pushing on. This is because we are sensible, rational, reasonable adults. This is why we don’t work in Hollywood. We wouldn’t fit in. What you appear to do in Hollywood, if you don’t get universal praise and your own way, is never stop queefing about it. Just like one of the writers of Willow.

Ever since the show was unceremoniously cancelled, John Bickerstaff has been all over social media making lots of noise about how unfair it is. First, he tried to make out that Willow wasn’t really cancelled. When Disney announced that Willow was to be pulled off the Disney+ streaming service after just six months, the noise reached a fever pitch, with the industry being decried as cruel.


Demonstrating further inability to take it on the chin, or indeed to take any kind of criticism, another outburst has followed a negative headline in Forbes that reminded readers:

“It’s Your Last Chance To See How Bad The New Disney+ ‘Willow’ Show Is Before It’s Gone For Good”

Bickerstaff was forthright in his response.


He’s understandably upset. Imagine how it feels when something you lovingly injected with all sorts of modern cultural sensibilities is written off as asset losses via an impairment charge? Basically, in plain English, Disney has confirmed that Willow is worth more to them dead, killed off for tax purposes, and removed forever, than allowed to live, limping on ad infinitum on streaming. Such is life. At least the responses are worth their weight in comedy gold:


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