David Fincher Movies Ranked

As we all know, David Fincher’s The Killer is imminent and I’m excited, to say the least! So I thought now would be a good time to rank 10 of his 12 movies to date. The one I’ve left off is Manc because I haven’t seen it. If you have, is it worth my time because I’ve read very mixed reviews about it? Anyway, here goes!


10. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

I just don’t like this film because it seemed utterly pointless to remake the original. Fincher’s version did very little to improve upon its Swedish 2009 counterpart and added nothing new or interesting. In fact, Fincher’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo actually pisses me off because it seems such a waste of time and talent.


Fincher Dragon Tattoo


9. Zodiac

Yeah, that’s right, Zodiac is 10th. I know most people love this movie but I just don’t get the attraction. I’ve actually sat through it three times now because I want to understand what I am missing, but each time I just find it boring.


Fincher Zodiac


8. Alien 3

What can I say that hasn’t been said already? We know the vast majority of this movie’s problems stem from studio interference and I don’t hate Alien 3 as much as other people but meh.


Fincher Alien 3


7. Panic Room

Now I admit that it’s been a long while since I saw this movie but I think there lies the reason it’s 8th on my list. What I remember about Panic Room was that it was a thoroughly engaging watch but not one that I’ve ever felt the urge to revisit since its release in 2002.


Fincher Panic Room

6. The Social Network

A well-constructed movie with great performances all around. This movie really draws you in and genuinely makes you feel like you are a fly on the wall witnessing history in the making. A Masterclass™ of filmmaking.


Fincher Social


5. Gone Girl

This was actually a film I wasn’t bothered about watching and only did because the wife wanted to see it, but I’m glad I did. Throughout the movie, I was completely engaged by its multiple twists and turns. Some genuine WTF moments by the antics of Rosamund Pike’s character Amy. Just writing this, I’m tempted to watch it tonight.

Fincher GoneGirl


4. The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking – how the fuck is Zodiac at 10 and Benjamin Button as high as 5? Well, because I love this movie, that’s how. I think it’s a fascinating story, technically brilliant, and beautiful to look at. For me, this is Fincher’s Forrest Gump and it’s an underappreciated masterpiece.


Fincher Benjamin


3. The Game

Brilliant from start to finish and one of Michael Douglas’ best-ever performances as Nicholas Van Orton. Douglas pulls out the full repertoire of emotions for this role as we watch him go from a cold and ruthless businessman to someone who quickly realises he is completely out of his depth in the real world. Van Orton’s desperation that eventually leads him to rely on violence is captivating and at times heartbreaking.  Fincher actually makes you pity this prick before giving you the one-two gut punch with one of the best twists you’ll ever see.


The Game


2. Se7en

What needs to be said? This movie ages like fine wine and is one I never tire of watching. Se7en set the standard for the physiological horrors and is still being copied to this day – looking at you The Batman.




1. Fight Club

I’ve told you before, I’m not talking about it.

Fight Club


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